Friday, November 29, 2013

Peach-Theme Wedding Church Decor

The color theme of the church decor this time is peach, the color of which rather rarely found in the local market. But we're lucky to get gerberas, roses and daisies in  that color. The other material we use are Lilies Asiatic, bi-color anthurium, green amaranthus, snapdragon and gypsophila.

The view from the front

The flower arrangement in front of Ambo. It's a tear-drop design. And the color combination's so nice. It's really blend, isn't it? 

The flower arrangement in front of Mary’s statue

The one in front of Jesus statue

The offerings of fruit and flowers

The last was the decoration of united candle


Church décor by Margriet Team

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NEW!!! The Unique Wedding Ring Nest with ‘Rupiah’ Bill of Flowers

 Our newest collection : The Wedding Ring Nest with Flowers made of ‘five thousand’ Rupiah Bill!!!

The flowers made of original money, of ‘five thousand’ rupiah bill.

Cute heart-shaped Wedding Ring Nest

If you curious about this ‘valuable’ wedding ring nest and some others, just simply click on!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Multicolor Wedding Church Décor with Blue Ribbon

As we promised before, we’re back with our popular post here at Flowerdaily : the wedding church décor!

The front and side look of the main altar flower arrangements. The theme is actually multicolor but a bit tends to ‘pink - magenta - red’ as requested by some couples while the other wanna ‘blue’ color, so Margriet Team decided to hang blue ribbon instead. It’s quite difficult to find blue hydrangea in the local market recently… don’t know why…, while the imported ones definitely cost lots. So, if the overall look of the altar looked contrast, please be understood.

The flowers used for this theme are Lilies sorbone, gerberas, hydrangeas, daisies, chrysant of Samrock, gypsophila and some roses of Queen Mary, Avalance, Belavitae, Universe. We also used red celocia, a beautiful garden-flowers which we rarely use. Thanks to Mrs. Melani & Liany who found it in the local market a day before.

The flower arrangement in front of ‘Ambo’

The one in front of the Mary’s statue and on the candelabra

The wedding ring and the Bible - Cross - Rosary basket

Here’s the row of chairs' decor looked from the back side  …. So bright, right?

And… a Unity candle flower arrangement made by yours truly! 
There will be one post on this flower arrangement, so wait for our next post! Keep on checking….

Church Décor by Margriet Team
The wedding ring & Bible – Cross – Rosary baskets’ decorators unknown. If you know, please let us know.

Friday, August 9, 2013

NEW!!! The Bird on Tree Wedding Ring Nest Collection !!!

Helloo everyonee!!! It's been a while since our last post, I blame it on the hectic schedule since business have been good!!! All thanks to you, our valued customers....

Other than all the wedding ring nest projects, my daughter also busy with her thesis so this blog has been in hiatus recently*excuse..excuse* ...but no despair...we'll fix that soon!!!

Meanwhile, here's our newest collection : The Bird on Tree Wedding Ring Nest!!!

unique wedding ring nest lovebird on tree by floplus
Variation from our best seller ring nest, this thime we put the ring nest on tree log!!

natural theme wedding ring nest tree style from floplus

The ring nests comes in size L and mini one (the above pic) Cute huh? for more info simply click on!!!!

Adios and Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H for those of you who celebrates....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Church Decor for The Feast of Pentecost

It’s the atmosphere in the church of St. Peter Cathedral Bandung during the morning mass of Pentecost,
 May 19, 2013.


The color of the liturgy for the Pentecost is red. And these are what to décor for the feast of Pentecost in St. Peter Cathedral Bandung, first the Altar, second the Ambo or the psalmist table, the Jesus & Mary statue, the both Angel statues placed at the back. And do not forget to décor the seven chandeliers because they will be lit during the mass by one of the deacon. It was put on the table in front of the Big Easter candle which placed beside the Altar.

Here it is the Altar. The materials used are heliconia Wagneria & Bihai, anthurium Valentino, roses of Avalance & Mohana, Lily Kongkadon and hydrangea. The foliage is dracaena, sprengeri, anthurium leaves, caladium variegate and philodendron.

The flower arrangement in front of Ambo or psalmist table.

The two angels were occasionally decorated, such as today's. It's using a kind of vegetatif style.

The one in front of Mary

Church decor by Team Margriet

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Design!!!! Love Birds Series….

For those who are fond of birds, here it is, our new collection of love bird wedding ring nest. There are many designs with various sizes that definitely suits you. And they'll make your wedding ceremony looks unique, different from the others. Curious? Check them out at .  

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