Friday, April 13, 2012

Trip to The Flower Nursery at 'Istana Bunga, Cihideung – Lembang

Still remember I mentioned on my post about Margriet’s 24th anniversary that we’re going to do a trip during the reses time? Well, we did it at last!!! A month ago on March 17, 2012 we finally went together, not all of Margriet members could go but thankfully most of us made it to Cihideung, Lembang. This area has been famous for its agriculture products i.e. veggies, fruits, and of course the flowers,  since it’s located at the mountainous area of West Bandung.

The basic plan was from the church parking lot directly to the villa of Mrs. Melani,  then had a morning coffee break, after that we had a few retreat sessions with pastor Budi, and the last we'd head on to the flower nursery and plantation, then head back to Bandung, all in one day. We arrived at the villa at about nine o’clock, proceeded with morning coffee and of course some gossiping…Since pastor coming late (because of lots of people did confession at church), then we decided to go to the flower nursery instead. Next was the retreat session which took quite a long time (The retreat was divided into 3 sessions…..) After the first session, it’s lunch time already…so we had lunch and continued with session 2 and 3.

It took only a few minutes to go to the flower nursery and plantation since the location is not far from the villa. While walking to there we also enjoyed the fresh air …mmmh …and don’t forget the lush greenery along the way, we city girls rarely see such sceneries so it’s really felt wonderful. The nursery itself specializes in roses. Lots of roses variant are bred here, unfortunately when we came , they had already been harvested a few days ago so all the remaining were the ones that hadn’t bloomed yet… aaaaawwwhhh what a pity ….. Anyhow, let’s think positive!! eventhough only small blooms left, we could still see and learn all the varieties, right?

And here are some of the varieties, clockwise from top left are Aleandra, Zade, Voodoo and Purple roses. I don't know why the last called Purple as the colour is not like purple but shocking pink. It resembles Belavitae rose. The different is that Belavitae is pink roses with hot pink tipped on its petals while Purple is bi-colour roses i.e. soft pink on the base of its petal continued with shocking pink on top. Aleandra roses are not quite different with Voodoo. Aleandra has yellow - orange colour just like the colour of curcuma, while voodoo has light orange colour and its petals are bigger than aleandra.

Overall we had quite a good time there. All of us were busy taking pictures, touching the roses and interrogating the workers on how these roses being cultivated. Strictly none of the roses allowed out the nursery, even the ones that fallen on the ground couldn’t be taken ( yes, one of my friend asked if she could have the fallen one, but failed… well, you’ve tried babe, better luck next time!) after this flower nursery and plantation, we were supposed to headed on to another planter, but running out of time (aaaaaawh again) so we simply went back to the villa.

After finishing the retreat session with Pastor Budi we finally head home at 2 p.m.… Last but not least, taking pictures together before going home. In the middle of the way to Bandung, the rain dropped. Okay, see you on the next trip.

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