Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Retreat in Lembang part 1

Some time ago me and mom went for retreat with our fellow 'Krisma' friends of about 100 persons at Wisma El Shaddai in Lembang area, we stayed one night there and we'll share some lovely flower pics with you!! Since this is too long for one post we'll divide our adventure into 3 parts, let's begin...

Finding this wisma isn't difficult since it's located along the main road, but  the best is you drive slowly since there's no big sign board. The name and street number are just painted on the gate. This is the view from inside the complex, the white gate is the main gate, at the left side of the gate there's a function room pictured above and behind the pine trees are the parking lot.

and near the parking lot we can see a few villas with a pool in the middle. Wanna see inside ? No, you can't ahahaha... You see, these lux villas were for the comittee of 'Krisma' only, and we, humble participants would stay in smaller rooms in nearby building.

So reluctantly we left the villas, across the parking lot and walk down the road bridge.

From the bridge we can view participants' building for tonight, right wing of the top floor used for terrace and dining room as seen at the picture above and left wing used as function room for the retreat and mass. Our rooms located below, and to my surprise : it's bunk beds !!!! Sheeesh, I haven't slept on bunk bed since high school. And moreover a room was for 6 participants. Gosh!!

Let's think about the bunk beds later, and we proceed with afternoon tea (the cakes not bad) and looking around the complex, right behind our building is beautiful valley view.

There's other similar building like ours, which was occupied by another group, also a large gazebo covered with vines, I think El Shaddai tries to make many function rooms at different location to cater the guests' needs.

Back to our building, at 17:00 the retreat began, just like a usual retreat it lasted until night.

Finally it's dinner time... I have to admit the scene here at night was quite romantic. The dinner tasted quite good, consisted of rice with chicken teriyaki, vegetable pork luncheon soup, claypot tofu and fish crackers.  The food was not bad at all for a 'homestead' scale. After dinner we had more discussion and so on (yawn)...

The retreat that day was concluded with holy mass (yawn..yawn). I couldn't wait for the following day, haven't got the chance to take lots of flower pictures that day, but would do that first thing in the morning. Meanwhile let's sleep...on a bunk beds shared with 6 people.

Wisma El Shaddai, Jalan Sersan Bajuri 59, Lembang, West Java

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