Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Palm Sunday Church Flower Decor 2013

Okay, now that the Easter season has passed and we can take a bit breath, lets move on to the tutorials!!!
A few days ago, we just post on the mass, but now we'll take a closer look on the Holy Week flower decorations.


 Here's the Palm Sunday flower design on the altar, mostly we used kinds of palm leaves such as cycas, big cula palm lady palm or raphis exelsa and baloon flowers. And as focal point, we used woven palm leaves which made of yellow palm. We also have the tutorial.


Credits to the ladies from Margriet team who had done all these lovely flower arrangements for the Palm Sunday. Rome wasn't built in a day and so were these flower decorations,...very tiring.


Decor in front of the Mary and Jesus statues...


On the Tabernacle background and decor in front of the psalmist altar


And here is the wall decor. We have the tutorial for this arrangement for you to know, you can view them here

The coordinator for the church decor is Mrs. Liani and for the wall decor is Mrs. Diana.

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